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Rubber made Gloves, Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves, Rubber Safety Gloves and Bands in numerous designs and sizes can be availed from our company!

An appreciated material that bounces back to the original state or normal condition and is known for being an indispensable material- Rubber, is used to make many industrial and household products. Soft and durable, rubber is one of the most used materials in the nationwide today. Contributing largely in bringing rubber made products into use is Taaz Rubber Industry, a Guntur, Andhra Pradesh (India) located company.

Since 2004, roles of a manufacturer and wholesaler are being performed by our company exceptionally well. We are making our products like Industrial Rubber Gloves, Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves, Rubber Safety Gloves, Surgical Long Gloves and Rubber Bands, say on behalf of our company that we have committed to best quality production. Our focus is on maintaining the standards of Rubber Industry which is why we are investing in right technologies and techniques for production of better rubber products.

We consider our company in competition to none as we serve only for customers' benefit. It is the requirements of our customers' that helps us present a durable gamut of rubber products in the markets. In the coming years also, we aim at creating win-win situation like we always do benefit both, our entity and clients.

Get Variety In Rubber Products

Taaz Rubber Industry is a big name in Rubber Industry as we serve wide variety in Surgical Long Gloves, Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves, Rubber Safety Gloves, Industrial Rubber Gloves, Household Rubber Gloves and Rubber Bands. By variety, we mean that we give options to customers in choosing the color and size of rubber products we deal in. Each and every client for our company is very special and so is his/her needs which is why we manufacture above said rubber products in variety and meet their industrial and household demands.

Application Areas

Be it for cleaning or for personal care, rubber made gloves are something that find their use in both. From removing dirt to cleaning dishes and more, rubber gloves are mostly used for maintaining personal health. Taking of rubber bands, they are used as an accessory. The range in rubber products that we make is supplied to the following:
  • Channel Dealer
  • Hospital
  • Home
  • Laboratory
  • Salon